I received my BA in English and Comparative Literary Studies from Occidental College and an MFA in Writing from Antioch University Los Angeles. My essays and articles have appeared in The Washington PostThe Los Angeles Times, The Huffington PostHelloGiggles, RoleReboot, Bustle, SheKnows, Angels Flight literary westThe Mighty, EliteDailyThe Manifest-Station, and more. My poetry has appeared or is forthcoming in Words Dance, Rust+Moth, Moonchild Magazine, The East Jasmine ReviewLadyLibertyLit, Anti-Heroin Chic, and voxpoetica.


Essays and Articles

The Washington Post

As a Teen, I Saw Myself in Rory. Now I Strive to be Like Lorelai

The Los Angeles Times

Third Time’s the Charm for Two Artists Online

The Huffington Post

I Don’t Hate You, I Have Social Anxiety
How an Alternative High School Saved My Life


Why I Can’t Stop Picking My Skin
How ASMR Videos Help Me Cope with My Anxiety


How to Support a Loved One Who Suffers from Chronic Pain
Stay Weird, Stay Different

The Mighty

Why I’ll Try to Be Kinder to Myself About My Chronic Illness
When Depression Steals Your Voice

Angels Flight 

Enough: Why I’m Afraid of Being Jewish for the First Time in My Life


Anti-Depressants Almost Killed Me. They Also Saved My Life
I Play GTA With My Boyfriend (And Like It)

The Manifest-Station

Finding Love After Trauma
Feeling My First Goodbye

Writing Forward

Should You Write a Memoir?



Words Dance

Out of the Water

Anti-Heroin Chic

What We Do

Playing Pretend


What it’s Like to Pre-Exist 



The County Antrim


Books and Anthologies


My short story, “Sasha and Derek,” is featured in Believe Me Not: An Unreliable Anthology.

The book is a collection of amazing and strange tales told by a talented group of new and emerging writers. All proceeds go to support National Novel Writing Month (NaNoWriMo) and its Young Writers Program. The anthology is available in paperback and for Amazon Kindle.




SKoM final paperback (layers)

Some Kind of Moment is a short story eBook. Here’s the synopsis:

Friendship can be confusing. 20-year-old Izzy Desmond likes killing time with Luke, an endearingly eccentric slacker, and feels herself drifting apart from Mandy, the Beverly Hills party girl she befriended freshman year. When the three mismatched friends spend a day together at the Santa Monica Pier, Izzy tries to figure out what Luke and Mandy really mean to her, and whether the connections she has with them can last.