Robin Williams and The Never-Ending Battle Against Depression


Hearing the news of Robin William's apparent suicide hit me the way I'm sure it hit many others who have suffered, or still suffer, from depression. It made me think about my own moments of darkness and hopelessness when I seriously considered taking the pills or slashing open my wrists to make it all end. I've spent the past five years writing a Continue Reading

I Finished My Memoir! Now What?


For years, I've dreamed about the moment when I finally finished the first complete draft of my memoir. I imagined confetti falling out of the ceiling, maybe some triumphant trumpet music playing, and a crowd of all the friends and family who have heard me complain, agonize over, and gush about the book for the past five years running into my room, Continue Reading

My Short Story eBook Publishing Experiment


On June 26th, I unveiled my free short story eBook, "Some Kind of Moment." I got the idea to make this eBook from other authors and entrepreneurs I'd seen around the internet who were giving out eBooks for free when readers subscribed to their email lists. However, I noticed that all of their eBooks were informational, not creative. They gave Continue Reading

Some Kind of Moment: A Short Story eBook

SKoM final paperback (layers)

Today marks the release of my new short story ebook, "Some Kind of Moment." Here's the synopsis: Friendship can be confusing. 20-year-old Izzy Desmond likes killing time with Luke, an endearingly eccentric slacker, and feels herself drifting apart from Mandy, the Beverly Hills party girl she befriended freshman year. When the three mismatched Continue Reading

The Most Important Things I Learned in Grad School


This week is my last official week of graduate school. I've been working on my MFA in Writing for a few years now, and it's been quite a journey. I began my grad school adventure at a different institution and ended up transferring into Antioch University, Los Angeles' program in December 2012. The school has been a great fit for me and a Continue Reading

Lessons Learned from Starless Skies


A few weeks ago, my boyfriend and I took a trip to Sedona, AZ. We'd both heard about the infamous vortexes and New Age culture, but we're not into that scene. Our decision to go was based on cheap hotel availability, drivability, beautiful landscapes, and the ability to see the stars at night. That last one was probably the biggest draw for us. We Continue Reading

On (Not) Being a Failure: My Post-College Journey

When I graduated college in 2009, I had a plan. I would move back home and live with my mom until I found an entry-level job as a writer or editor. Then I would get an apartment, maybe move in with my college boyfriend, and begin my "adult" life. I anticipated that all of this would take about six months, max. Things didn't exactly work out that Continue Reading

How To Keep Rejection From Eating Your Soul


If there's one thing that all writers can agree upon, it's that getting rejected sucks. As someone who tends to spend years tolling away on long-form works like novels and memoirs, I haven't played the literary magazine submission game too often. Now and then, I feel compelled to send out a few pieces, and most don't get accepted. I didn't mind Continue Reading

Why Writers SHOULD Blog About Writing


I’ve finally zeroed in on my biggest problem when it comes to blog writing. For years now, I’ve been hearing that writers shouldn’t blog about writing. There are way too many blogs about writing, they say. Plus, only writers will read them. You’re trying to reach readers. First of all, if my only reason for blogging is to use it as a platform Continue Reading