Jumping on the Bandwagon Way Too Late, or Why I’m Finally Reading Harry Potter

Today, I finally caved and made an account on Twitter. I had resisted the idea for a long time because it seemed unnecessary, like an overly simplified version of Facebook, a website that already consumes an inordinate amount of my time every day. Plus, while I had already gotten sucked into Facebook early on (back when it was only for college students and not open to the entire world and their pets), I still had a chance to save myself from this new trendy, overcrowded social media network. However, I decided that if there’s a chance it will help me make connections and build a little following for my writing, maybe it’s worth a shot.

I did something else this week that I told myself I’d never do: I borrowed the first Harry Potter book from a friend and have decided to actually read it. When Harry Potter first arrived on the scene many moons ago, I was put off by how how much of a craze it became. I decided to set myself apart from everyone else by refusing to read it, or any of the books that followed. I didn’t see the movies, either. A decade later, that rationality seems…well, silly. Plus, as a lover of writing and literature, it seems irrational to refuse to even attempt to read a book beloved by many just because it’s beloved by many.

This is a big step for me, so I’ll be sure to continue updating about this very important life event I am about to undertake. Oh, and if anyone is out there reading this blog and has a Twitter, feel free to follow me over there @alanasaltz.

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2 replies to “Jumping on the Bandwagon Way Too Late, or Why I’m Finally Reading Harry Potter”

  1. Helen says:

    Hehe, aren’t you glad you don’t have that on the cover of the book I lent you?
    You’re such a push over. I have yet to get sucked in to either Facebook or Twitter. I think I might have created a MySpace a long, long time ago. After most people had already jumped to bandwagon to Facebook. <.< Show's you just how lame I am…

    1. Alana says:

      Kudos. I wish I could resist more. I kept that Harry Potter resistance thing going for like a decade despite everyone I know reading it and talking about it, so that’s pretty admirable.

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