How to Follow Your Dreams

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2 replies to “How to Follow Your Dreams”

  1. Linda C. says:

    Great vlog! You’re braver than I am, since I tend to be introverted myself and find it as uncomfortable as you likely do. I work at Random House children’s and worked at a lit agency before that, so I’ve seen how important social media is in building a platform, especially since you’re writing a memoir. You’re off to a great start and I hope to see more!

    Oh, and I’ll be starting at VCFA this summer in the MFA for children’s writing, so I’m very nervous about pursuing my writing dream as well!

    1. Alana says:Author

      Thanks, Linda! I appreciate you taking the time to watch the vlog. It’s actually not too hard talking to a camera. I’m better at that than talking to people.

      Good luck at VCFA! I’m sure you’ll love the program. I’ve yet to meet anyone who doesn’t.

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