Five Awesome Memoir Blogs

I was going to call this a Top 5 list, but since I’m always discovering new and wonderful memoir blogs, I want to leave room for additional compilations in the future. Here are five awesome memoir-related blogs. If you have a memoir writing blog/site or know of a great one I haven’t listed, feel free to leave a comment with a link!

1. Brevity’s Nonfiction Blog – Updates on the world of creative nonfiction, Brevity’s literary magazine, and a collection of posts written by authors of creative nonfiction.

2. Memoir Writing Blog – An abundance of memoir writing tips and tricks. The site seems to be geared more toward women, but there’s plenty of helpful information for both genders.

3. Meghan Ward’s Blog – Meghan discusses memoir writing, indie publishing, and shares general writing advice.

4. 100 Memoirs – A blog about that regularly discusses and reviews published memoirs. There is also a very useful searchable list of the top memoirs.

5. Memory Writers Network – Essays and author interviews to help you read and write memoir.




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    Hi Alana,

    You’ve got a fascinating site here, and I like your photo blog too. Thanks for providing this great list of Awesome Memoir Blogs. I hope you find mine entertaining and useful too — it focuses on memoir writing — and that you’ll consider adding it to your list. Thank you! Twitter: @allysonlatta

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    Hi, Alana. So happy to open up my WordPress dashboard and see my blog named in your top 5. Quite an honor. Thanks so much and all best on your own work. I’ll be checking in from time to time. If you want to discuss cupcakes, you should come to NYC (or do you live here already?). Cupcakes everywhere!

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    Alana – Thank you so much for this list! It’s wonderful to be on the list, and it’s even more wonderful to learn about other memoir writers who are blogging. If I had a top-five list, you’d be on it :)


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    Thanks Alana for including our Memoir Writing Blog in second position on your list.

    And yes, you’re right. We do call the site, but our writing prompts, marketing tips, and author interviews are relevant for everyone interested in the memoir genre.

    I apologize for taking so long for thanking you. My business partner, Kendra Bonnett, and I have been focused on completing our new book for memoir writers (Writing Alchemy) and are down to the final editing stage.

    We appreciate not only the mention on your site, but also your site.

    Matilda Butler

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    Hi, I’m a writer based out of Flyford Flavell, Great Britain and I found your site via Would you have any advice for those considering blogging? I’m hope to launch my own site soon but I’m a bit lost on everything. Do you think I should get started with a free site like WordPress or shell out some money into a pay site? There are so many possibilities out there that I’m totally overloaded.
    .. What would you say?

    • Alana says

      You could do either. I recommend getting a domain, hosting, and using software (which is free and fairly easy to install via your wenhost) if you’re really serious about blogging. If you just want to blog casually, is certainly easier to set up, although much more limited in terms of theme, customization, SEO, etc.

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    Hey there!

    Fabulous list. I write a nonfiction/memoir-ish blog about being a cancer survivor, mental health advocate and have my very own brand of feminism. Looking to reach out and find other memoir blogs and connect with a community.


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