How to Structure Your Memoir


First of all, the winner of the Publish This Book giveaway is Dawn! Thank you to everyone who commented on my interview with Stephen Markley. I hope to make author interviews a regular feature of this blog. If you're an author interested in doing an interview, please let me know. I welcome both indie and traditionally published writers. Now, onto today's overdue blog post: Structure can be one of the most Continue Reading

An Interview with Stephen Markley, Author of “Publish This Book”


I first read Stephen Markley's memoir, Publish This Book, shortly after graduating college. Stephen's book chronicles the unique journey that he took in becoming a published author. Stephen was only 26 when he started the project, and has since added himself to the growing list of talented and accomplished young memoir writers. I found Stephen's memoir to be incredibly funny, honest, and inspiring. It really Continue Reading

Music and Memoir


Music is powerful. Songs have the ability to transport us back in time, to stir up long lost emotions and memories. Music can also be an amazingly helpful tool to use while writing, particularly when it comes to writing memoir. A while back, I decided to go through my iTunes library and make a few playlists for my memoir. I created a playlist for each couple of years of my life that the memoir would be including Continue Reading

Five Awesome Memoir Blogs

I was going to call this a Top 5 list, but since I'm always discovering new and wonderful memoir blogs, I want to leave room for additional compilations in the future. Here are five awesome memoir-related blogs. If you have a memoir writing blog/site or know of a great one I haven't listed, feel free to leave a comment with a link! 1. Brevity's Nonfiction Blog - Updates on the world of creative nonfiction, Continue Reading

The Lost Art of Shutting Up


An article called "The Problem With Memoirs" came out in the New York Times back in January. Neil Genzlinger begins the piece by saying: "A moment of silence, please, for the lost art of shutting up." Genzlinger goes on to talk about how, back in the good old days, only famous, remarkable, or accomplished people wrote memoirs. However, as a result of our age of "oversharing," everyone in the world now feels Continue Reading

Indie Publishing vs. Self-Publishing: What’s the Difference?


After doing some more research, I've realized that my first post about self-publishing should actually have been called "Taking the Plunge into Indie Publishing." But why? Aren't self-publishing and indie publishing the same thing? Well, yes and no. The problem with the term "self-publishing" is that it harkens back to the days where people who couldn't get their work picked up by a major publisher paid tons of Continue Reading

The Top 6 Memoir Writing Tips

1. Be Yourself – This may seem obvious, but the voice you use in your memoir is completely up to you. I suggest using your natural voice. You don’t want to write your memoir like you’re writing a third-person novel. Be engaging and present. Talk to your reader like you’re telling them a story that matters to you. 2. Be Descriptive – Include specific details when writing your scenes, especially if those details can Continue Reading

My Review of Scrivener As a Tool for Writers


File management can quickly become a challenge for writers. I'm the kind of writer who saves every single draft of a work in progress, so keeping my files straight was a real problem. I've been using Scrivener since I downloaded the trial last November. Previously, I had used Microsoft Word for all of my writing projects. I often had to weed through multiple versions of the same draft to find the one I was looking Continue Reading

On Writing Memoir: The Importance of Carrying a Notebook


I'm sure you've heard the advice that fiction writers should keep a notebook with them at all times, just in case they overhear an interesting conversation at a cafe or the ending to their novel reveals itself to them in the cereal aisle of the grocery store. However, the idea of carrying a notebook is just as important for memoir writers as it is for fiction writers. You never know when you'll be hit with a Continue Reading

Why I Write Memoir

I'd like to talk a little about how I got into memoir writing, and why I'm so passionate about it. Sort of a memoir manifesto, if you will. I'm one of those writers who's been writing since they can remember. A poem here, a story there. I started keeping journals when I was six, although my entries usually consisted of a few poorly spelled phrases like "Amy is my frend" and "I love spagetty" [sic]. I decided to Continue Reading